Atelier Bracket

Inspired by the vision of creating interactions, Atelier Bracket is an architectural design studio specialized in evolving spaces concerning its function and surroundings. Irrespective of scale and function, every project has an invisible potential thread inside to be standing out in terms of form. The withholding form, which could be felt aged by time, only keep inspires when the wrapping function does the justification. We feel the inscribed function within the form together makes it.

Form, Function, Material, Surrounding & People are the parameter defines our designs. Initial approaches bound by the first two parameters. The depth of a project lies in material & how impressively its been applied in detail. Our approach towards fulfillment bound by new material hunt & detail derivation, which makes each project unique.

This philosophy that goes beyond the norm makes us unique. Integration of Aesthetics, Technology, and Sustainability open up a wide window of possibilities.

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Suhail Muhammed

Founder | Senior Architect

Graduated from the University of Mumbai in 2011. Practiced at multiple design-focused firms at Bangalore for 5 years. Lean-to derive form+ structure co-relating to its function and the encircled space. Follows the principle of minimalist approach on designs and believes the aesthetic form should be derived in justification to the form, instead of adding layers of skin.

26B Al Rigga Street
United Arab Emirates
(971) 55 640 5601

Kerala , India
(91) 96452 52476

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